According to the American Psychological Association, almost 50% of marriages end in divorce. Further reports suggest that some end cordially while others, unfortunately, require more work to reach a proper settlement. If you fall under the first category, filing out the paperwork will often be a straightforward process with the terms settled within weeks by the parties involved. The second option will, however, require additional help, with the following shedding light on instances that require the help of a divorce lawyer.

Child Custody

Unfortunately, children will often bear the brunt when divorce proceedings begin, making settlements more problematic. If you are looking to avoid any child custody battles, consider getting a lawyer. Professionals who have training in such an area will especially prove beneficial for helping you fight for your parental rights while also ensuring that all parties stay level-headed in the face of rising tensions. A divorce attorney will ensure that you get access to ideal visitation rights, custody claims, and any future changes that may arise post-divorce.

Determining Child Support

Child support will often be based on your custody arrangement, with every parent required to perform their duties depending on the court’s decision. If, for instance, you get the most visitation rights, your partner will be required to provide you with the necessary child support. This means factoring in costs such as clothing, education, food, and shelter. Unexpected expenses such as emergency medical care will also be taken into account, allowing you to eliminate additional costs along the way.

Need Help With Legal Paperwork

Divorce paperwork will be one of the most complex paperwork you will encounter, with any errors likely to jeopardize your future and that of your children. To avoid any life-changing mistakes, consider working with an expert. A suitable legal representation can help you figure out various things, including reviewing the agreement terms, filing for divorce, drafting your agreement according to state regulations, and attending mediation with you.

Division of Assets

If you have significant assets and property such as multiple homes, cars, and hefty bank accounts, dividing these up will often be a concern for numerous parties. While the courts often seek to provide the same standard of living pre-divorce, not all parties will be open to this. This could create conflict, making the division of assets problematic. A divorce lawyer can act as the voice of reason when you need a fair settlement in such a situation, acting as a neutral party.

Evaluating Spousal Support

Spousal support is just as important as child support, with this compensation allowing parties to become self-sufficient after a divorce. The court will often look at various factors before making any final decisions, with a few of these being the age of the supported spouse, any underlying health concerns, the purpose of the spousal support, and earning potential. Since these will often differ per state, lawyers will help you determine whether you qualify for these requirements and what to expect from the proceedings. The paying spouse can also benefit from legal representation, with an attorney helping you prevent any significant payouts that you cannot afford.

Need a Communication Buffer

As previously stated, not all divorces end cordially, with numerous having their share of conflict. If you and your ex cannot communicate, getting through a divorce will require you to get professional representation to help with your communication. Lawyers can act as a buffer when you and your partner are no longer on good terms, helping you get through a complicated process within the shortest time. This allows you to settle any child and spousal support matters while finalizing financial conflicts when things get complex.

If any of the above best describes your situation, now is the time to get a divorce lawyer. Professional help will allow you to get a legal advantage when filing your paperwork and provide crucial support in helping you get what you are owed. This will especially prove essential in allowing you to transition into the next phase of your life with ease.

By pauline